Home is Where We Are

Finally, a place where you can really let loose

Experience Our Community

Find New Friends

Making a new connection is about finding people who may outwardly live a different life – like someone who’s an actor in plays and an investment banker – and realising that you’re really more in common than you thought.

Share Your Everyday Life

Up for a random karaoke sesh with your housemates? Or maybe you’ve decided to stay in and make some pasta together. Whatever it is, you’ll have your newfound friends to do it with you, and share in your everyday life.

Join Curated Events

Our Socius events are here with the sole purpose of getting people together to have fun. When you’re visiting the Tiger Brewery or going for an actual snow rave in Singapore, you’ll be revelling in new experiences.

Say Hello to Your New Adventure

Striking out on your own should feel like a brand new exciting adventure, not a stressful one.

It can be tough to make friends and find your place in a new space. But at Socius, we make it easy for you to connect with like-minded people who share your interests and passions. From community events and workshops to shared meals and game nights, there are always opportunities to meet new people and have fun.

So why not come on your new adventure with us at Socius? We can’t wait to welcome you to our community and help you make the most of your new adventure.

Not Just a Room

Fully Furnished

You don’t need to shop for a new bed at IKEA – even beddings! Just roll in with your clothes in your luggage

Centrally Located

You’re never too far from the action wherever you stay with us. Walk home from your offices, gyms, and favourite food places

Weekly Cleaning

Never worry about a messy house again. Our cleaner will come in once a week to keep things spick and span

Fully Equipped Kitchen

Is cooking allowed? Definitely. Fridge, pots, pans, cutleries – everything you need to make yourself a gourmet meal

Hangout with Us

From impromptu pizza nights, pool parties, and cosy picnics, our events are the best way for you to meet your new besties

Built-in Community

You’ll instantly plug into our community by living with us – not just with your housemates, but with other Socius homes and the wider Socius community

The Socius Journey

You know what’s awesome? Socius was born because we had this crazy (okay, it’s not that crazy) idea of truly bringing different people together. We’re all about celebrating diversity and connecting folks from all walks of life. Who knows, you might just meet your new best friend! We love bringing together everyone who are down for new experiences, making friends, and being their true selves, so come along in our journey!

Our community is made up of people who come from all over the world, with different cultures, interests, and backgrounds. When you live at Socius, you get to share your own story, and learn about the stories of others.

Who knows, you might discover a new passion, a new perspective, or even a new career path! But most importantly, you’ll get to make connections with people who are just as excited about life as you are.

Let’s Start Living