Don’t Just Stay. Live.

Living begins at Socius. Thrive and connect with your new community!

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Not Just a Room

Fully Furnished

You don’t need to shop for a new bed at IKEA – even beddings! Just roll in with your clothes in your luggage

Centrally Located

You’re never too far from the action wherever you stay with us. Walk home from your offices, gyms, and favourite food places

Weekly Cleaning

Never worry about a messy house again. Our cleaner will come in once a week to keep things spick and span

Fully Equipped Kitchen

Is cooking allowed? Definitely. Fridge, pots, pans, cutleries – everything you need to make yourself a gourmet meal

Hangout with Us

From impromptu pizza nights, pool parties, and cosy picnics, our events are the best way for you to meet your new besties

Built-in Community

You’ll instantly plug into our community by living with us – not just with your housemates, but with other Socius homes and the wider Socius community

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question (or ten)? We’ll answer your every burning question about how coliving really works and then some.

Is Coliving Just for Extroverts?

Coliving is for both introverts and extroverts and anyone in between! Any personality type is welcome to get their feet wet at coliving with Socius. Life at Socius comes with built-in community events for all our members to mingle, so if you’re an introvert, you can just show up when you’re comfortable and build new connections on your own terms.

What is Coliving, Anyway?

Coliving is a way for you to both have your own private living space and also live with others with shared communal spaces. You can broaden your social circle just by living together with other members, and you can still enjoy the creature comforts of having your own space. It’s really the best of both worlds!

What is the Community Like at Socius?

At Socius, we like being part of something bigger than ourselves. We love learning about different cultures and people, and we’re always happy to meet new friends! A good community gets together, supports each other, and expands our collective horizons, and we like to think we have a thriving community that does just that.

Our App

Need to get a light bulb fixed or find out when’s our next game night? Our Socius app will keep you updated – coming your way soon!

Great for home management

Never miss out on events

Connect with Socius members

A leaking kitchen tap? No problem

Let’s Start Living