Frequently Asked Questions

Is Coliving just for Extroverts?

Coliving is for both introverts and extroverts and anyone in between! Any personality type is welcome to get their feet wet at coliving with Socius. Life at Socius comes with built-in community events for all our members to mingle, so if you’re an introvert, you can just show up when you’re comfortable and build new connections on your own terms.

What is Coliving, anyway?

Coliving is a way for you to both have your own private living space and also live with others with shared communal spaces. You can broaden your social circle just by living together with other members, and you can still enjoy the creature comforts of having your own space. It’s really the best of both worlds!

Wait. Is it Spelt Co-living or Coliving?

While we’re no experts on lexicons and how language evolves and how words get added into dictionaries, there seems to be a trend moving towards spelling “co-living” as “coliving” amongst coliving properties. So, we’re spelling it as coliving here at Socius!

What is the Community like at Socius?

At Socius, we like being part of something bigger than ourselves. We love learning about different cultures and people, and we’re always happy to meet new friends! A good community gets together, supports each other, and expands our collective horizons, and we like to think we have a thriving community that does just that.

How do I become a member of Socius Living?

Membership is free and open to anyone who shares our values. You can apply to become a Socius Resident or Socius Member through our website.

What is the difference between Socius Resident and Socius Member?

A Socius Resident is someone who chooses to stay with us and have the full Socius experience, while a Socius Member would consist of non-staying members who still want to be part of our community. We want our residents and members to all be connected to the larger community around us.

What amenities are included in a Socius property?

Our coliving spaces include amenities such as fully-furnished private rooms, shared living spaces and toilets, kitchen facilities, high-speed internet, and regular events and activities.

Are there any rules at Socius?

We don’t think of them as hard rules, but as a guideline for our community, we want all our residents and members to feel safe, respected, and comfortable in our spaces and events. As a general guideline, you should be mindful of cleanliness in shared spaces, and treat your housemates and guests with respect.

Can I bring guests to a Socius property or event?

Guests are always welcome at Socius! Whether you want to come by for a quick cup of coffee or join us for a refreshing beer, we’re always happy to welcome you into our community.

Are pets allowed at Socius?

Unfortunately, we do not allow pets in our coliving spaces at Socius due to potential allergy concerns and other issues.

How long can I stay at Socius?

We offer both short-term and long-term stays, depending on your needs and preferences. Our minimum stay is usually three months, but this can vary depending on the location.

Is there a curfew at Socius?

We do not have a curfew (we’re a bit of a night owl ourselves), but we do ask that all members be respectful of each other and keep noise levels to a minimum during late hours, especially if it might affect another resident’s sleep.

This all sounds right up my alley! How do I actually stay at Socius?

You can book a room through filling the form on our website or by contacting our community managers directly on WhatsApp or giving us a call at +65 8829 0428. Availability may vary depending on the location and time of year.

What is included in the rent at Socius?

Rent includes all utilities, high-speed internet, and access to our shared amenities and events, as well as weekly cleaning services.

What is the cancellation policy at Socius?

Our cancellation policy varies depending on the location and length of your stay. Please check with our community managers for more information.

Is there parking available at Socius?

Parking availability varies depending on the location, but most of our coliving spaces offer some form of parking or nearby options.

Can I move between Socius?

Yes, if you are a Socius Resident you may be able to transfer to another location if there is availability and if it aligns with your needs.

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